• Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Old Main Hall from Main Street Kutztown
  • Old Main from across the street
  • The view along Main Street, Kutztown
  • Lehigh Hall, Our STEM YEA Dormitory
  • Inside the McFarland Student Union Building
  • Memorial Pavilion, one of many beautiful niches about the Campus
  • A long view of the Massive Boehm Science Building
  • Entrance to the Boehm Science Building
  • Nicely equipped science lab, viewed by the STEM YEA TEAM on our recent Tour
  • Auditorium in the Grim Science Building
  • State-of-the-art lecture hall
  • A view of the Grim Science Building from the Boehm Science Building, note the observatory
  • A closer view of the Observatory
  • The open area called the DMZ
  • Beautiful waterfall, one of many gems on Campus
  • At the other end of the open area by the Waterfall is another charming water feature.
Our Class of 2022 STEM YEA Alumni1 2020 STEM YEA Alumni2 2020 STEM YEA Alumni3 Students used mobile phone attachable microscopes in some immersive STEM curriculum4 SRI staff engaged in a teaching moment5 STEM YEA students are engaged in collaborative learning6 STEM YEA Students got a chance to use some sophisticated telescopes7 Our Stem YEA Alumni got to experience an immersive planetarium experience8 A wide view of the SRI facilities and STEM YEA students at work9 One of many hands on learning experiences10 Teamwork in action11 STEM YEA Students working together to solve problems12 STEM YEA students engrossed in thought13 At reigistration for the celebration dinner of our Inaugural STEM YEA event14 Rotary District 7430 Governor Len Gieseler distributed star and planet locators to all participants and spoke at the celebration dinner15 The dinner was a good sized event with parents 2022 class Alumni, many bonds were formed and phone numbers exchanged.16

Our Venue, Kutztown University

Our immersive STEM event will be held at Kutztown University. Kutztown University provides housing, dining, and event services to over 21,000 guests and more than 55 educational camps, conferences, and programs each summer.

Kutztown University also has it's own planetarium, housed inside the Grim Science Building, which we will utilize in our immersive STEM curriculum. The planetarium features a full-dome digital projection system and surround sound. In addition to the planetarium is the The Carlson R. Chambliss Astronomical Observatory (CRCAO) is located on the roof of the Grim Science Building.